NC State Fair Southern Showdown

NC State Fair Southern Showdown

North Carolina State Fairgrounds

4285 Trinity Rd Raleigh, NC

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, OCT 14, 15 & 16, 2022

Pulling sessions will be as follows: (Changes may be made to sessions due to weather and/or to enhance the quality of show)    

NTPA Show Times for the 2022 NC State Fair Classes 

Friday  Oct. 14,  6PM Saturday Oct 15, Noon  
8500 Light Pro Stock (RN) PEDAL PULL CHAMPIONSHIP 9:30 to 10:30 AM
2050 Mini Modified Tractors (RN) 8000 Super Stock Tractors (RN)
6200 Two Wheel Drive Trucks 9300 Super Farm Tractors (RN)
7500 Modified Tractors 6200 Four Wheel Drive Trucks
 4000 Light Four Wheel Drive Trucks (Invitational) 9500 Pro Farm Tractors (Invitational)
Saturday Oct. 15, 6 PM Sunday Oct 16, 1PM
8500 Light Pro Stock (RN) 8000 Super Stock Tractors (RN)
2050 Mini Modified Tractors (RN ) 9300 Super Farm Tractors (RN)
6200 Two Wheel Drive Trucks   6200 Four Wheel Drive Trucks
4000 Light Four Wheel Drive Trucks (Invitational) 7500 Modified Tractors
  9500 Pro Farm Tractors (Invitational)

Legend:  (RN) NTPA Regional National Hook— Regional National Classes will be open to all pullers that meet NTPA Qualifications for the Class. 

Due to limited space and safety standards: Lt Four Wheel Drive Trucks and 9500 Pro Farm will be invitational only.

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