United Pullers Of The Carolinas

Roxboro, NC
June 9th, 2018 Session 1 Results



Super Farm



Driver Name Distance
1.Daniel McDonald Bad Boy (IH) 316.480'
2.Kaitlyn McDonald Red Mule (IH) 307.536'
3.Chris Hales The Outlaw (IH) 291.902'
4.Cam Fields Midnight Millwright (IH) 229.696'
5.Justin Sturdivant Cornfield Express (IH) 226.582'
6.Perry Walters Movin' Dirt (IH) 213.144'
7.Hunter Beasley Lil' Bit Wild (IH) 190.667'
8.Larry Carlisle Melon Mania (JD) 242.272' (DQ-Out Of Bounds)



Heavy Super Stock



Driver Name Distance
1.Ronnie Strickland Another Outlaw (IH) 309.286'
2.Kendall Beasley Farmers Pride (IH) 275.460'
3. '



Light Pro Stock



Driver Name Distance
1.Sarah Walters Smokin' Up A Storm 282.424'
2.Ron Beasley Farmall Fever II 279.728'
3.Mark Garrett Southern Smoke (IH) 275.466'
4.Blake Jones Hoss 266.112'
5.Kendall Beasley Hi-Gear Harvester 251.480'
6. '



Two Wheel Drive



Driver Name Distance
1.Reed Lee Little Red 264.756'
2.John Pickler Gamechanger 242.756
3.Allen Brown Sweet Thang 226.000'
4.Buddy Godwin Great Mountain Climber 172.334'
5.Johnny Wynne Bad Attitude IV 244.970' (DQ-Loss Of Weight)



Four Wheel Drive



Driver Name Distance
1.Shane Hanks Ground Hawg 296.616'
2.Al Stallings Bad Habit 283.004'
3.Tony Everett Doerunner 282.310'
4.Glen Hedrick Moonshine Express 272.204'



Light Four Wheel Drive



Driver Name Distance
1.Dewayne Endecott Hammer Down 312.024'
2.Tolly Harris The Gambler 300.074'
3.Glen Walker Gettin' Bizzy 292.064'
4.Barry Martin Tigger 291.948'
5.Stephen Walker Killin Time 290.132'
6.Michael Ward Running Wild 290.132'
7.Reggie Pruitt Weekend Thriller 287.952'



Mini Modified



Driver Name Distance
1.Thomas Coleman Pure Hell 329.752'
2.Larry Flood Carolina Krypt Keeper 298.108'
3.Frankie Steed Money Pig 287.574'
4.Kevin Teague Test Point 223.350'
5.Smokey Fields Blow Your Mind 191.446'
6. '
7. '






Driver Name Distance
1.Randy Davis Running Bear 329.132'
2.Laton Burleson Hindsight 319.960'
3. '



Session 1 Summary


Number of Classes: 8


Number of Entries 38 Number of Hooks 41
First Green: 19:20 Duration
Last Red: 22:58 198 Minutes