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Raleigh, NC – March 2020
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April 4th, 2020
First of all the South Edgecombe Rural Firemen want to thank the UPOC pullers and members for working with them in trying to determine if the 2020 event was a go or no go. Patrick Sharp wanted to especially thank the pullers who agreed to work with them to make the 2020 event Regional National. During their meeting many things had to be taken into consideration. The virus is still growing and more people are getting sick daily and there is no end in site right now. Their event was only six weeks away and many things needed to have already been done and many more things need to be done. Most of the tasks from now to the event would be costly and if the event had to be canceled due to the virus they would be right back like they were two years ago with a lot of expense and no event to recover. After much consideration and agonizing over whether to move forward or save the expense and cancel the Pinetops event the fire department has decided to cancel for this year. Patrick has been a spark plug for the fire department and in promoting the tractor pull. He sends his regrets to all the people who have worked with them in making the event successful.

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